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Day In, Day Out
Day In, Day Out
    Every day was the same, or every other day was, at least. Every time he fell asleep, the world would change. Sometimes for the better, sometimes for the worse. It made no difference when it happened, because the cycle conformed to his sleep schedule. Once before, he kept himself awake for days, and there was no perceivable change in the world he was in, but his biological needs eventually forced his hand and when he awoke, it was different again, the next world displayed before his eyes.
    It wasn’t all bad though, not all the time. In fact, almost half the time, it was heaven, peaceful and calm, with only one care in the world; but the other half was, to him at least, the physical manifestation of hell itself, during which time he had only one thought to sustain him: the thought of going to sleep and ending the nightmare. But things weren’t like this at first. At first, it was mostly confusing, as both worlds seemed the s
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Those In Charge
Do those in charge
Even know what they’re doing?
Thousands of men, to death every day are sent
Across countries and across the scarred land
What about our families?
You won’t need them where you’re going
Off to the front
Off to the front we go
We are here to fight the Germans
We are here to fight the enemy
Gas chokes the air, blood stains the mud
What about our comrades?
You won’t need them where you’re going.
Into battle
Into battle we march
Guns blazing, flags held high
The dead and dying lying beside us
Planes roaring overhead
What about my weapon?
Soldier, you won’t need it where you’re going
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If We Didn't Have If
If we didn’t have “if”, how would we ponder what lies ahead?
“If” is a way of describing the future
Some may argue that “if” can be used for the past as well
But what is the past but the future to the further past?
So, if we didn’t have “if”, what would we do?
We would have no way of examining what the future could hold
Because if we didn’t have “if”
We would not be able to ponder if we didn't have “if”
So “if” is something we need
To figure out if we need “if”
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Breaking Routine
   Routine. Every day was the same; wake up, get dressed, go outside and forage around for that night’s meal. Occasionally he would see some wildlife, but it was always out of his reach, for he had no weapons. He survived on wild fruits, odd assortments of nuts, and whatever he could scavenge. Most of the time, he found almost nothing and went home to sit in front of the fireplace, trying to distract himself from his hunger.
   This was the life of Zachary Fritz. The year was Twenty Thirty-four; three years after the downfall of civilization. It had happened so quickly, most didn’t know what was happening until it was over. All he had escaped with was a small revolver that he had always kept by his bed, and a small box of his personal effects. Unmarried, and very few friends, he had little to leave behind when he fled the city.
   Maybe all of it was a blessing in disguise. After all, things had been getting progressively worse in the world for
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